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With the inundation of superficial programs to get your ex back and the abundance of traditional approaches that don’t really work, we are here to offer non-traditional, heart-based approaches that actually get people through their painful breakups and prepared for Authentic, Romantic Partnership. 

Hi there, I’m Devon Loomis.  

A breakup expert and founder of TheRelationshipCoach.com.  I’m the guy everyone turns to when nothing else seems to work.  

And I was once where you are now… 

You see, nearly a decade ago, I went through a soul-crushing, intense breakup – one that shook me to my core, and changed everything I thought I knew about myself, love and life.

 At the time I was a relationship coach with a thriving business and had been doing inner-work for almost 20 years, so you’d think I’d have the tools to get through it, right? 

Unfortunately, I did not… I was desperate for relief from the immense pain I felt everyday, so I went to my colleagues, talked to my friends, sought out counseling, did hypnotherapy.. I tried EVERYTHING with no real results. It got so bad that one day I found myself buckled over in the shower in a state of panic, holding my chest and feeling like my physical heart was being ripped right out of me. I even had to close the doors on my coaching business because I couldn’t authentically show up for my clients. Not only was the breakup affecting my emotional state, it was affecting my entire life. I could hardly function. And then the shift happened. I decided that I needed to go down a rabbit hole and figure this thing out on my own, because no one seemed to have the answers – and I NEEDED relief. Heck, I would have settled for just feeling okay again. So I took pieces from traditional and non-traditional approaches (especially hypnotherapy) and began weaving them together until I began to experience real relief. And I got through it… FULLY through it. Closure. Peace. Freedom.  I came to realize that I was forced to experience such deep confusion and suffering so that I could come back into the world and help other lost, broken-hearted people move through their breakups with what I had learned. It’s been about 10 years since that soul-crushing breakup that led me to the deep, authentic romantic partnership I’m now in and I’ve helped literally hundreds of other people do the same. I am a super-fan of romantic partnerships. A student of love. A conscious romance facilitator.

Thanks for visiting my site! -Devon

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