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So, I’m a poor writer. I’ve been told I need to take writing classes. However, since you clicked on this page, I’m assuming you want to get a feel for the raw, authentic me. Because of that, I am writing this unfiltered and without an editor to help me refine. Please forgive any errors.

I have always processed romantic relationships differently from those around me.

From a very young age I have been tuned into a deeper, more authentic level of connection than what I saw being experienced in my environment and in the media.

Being a very empathic person, life was extremely difficult for me – ESPECIALLY in the area of romantic love.

I couldn’t relate to the superficial level people were interacting from and I felt like an alien in my social circles.

At age twenty-five, I COMPLETELY dedicated my life to figuring out this thing we call romantic love and finding the type of love/partnership that I felt existed. It became the central focal point of my life.

A connection where we could both FULLY see one another. A relationship with solid dependability, support, integrity and transparency. A love that would accept every dark, hidden recess of our being. A partnership where we would sit in the discomfort and work through issues that would inevitably arise. A love that was aligned on all levels.

After countless life/love lessons, INTENSE HEARTBREAK, disciplined study, immense self-work and over a decade of dedication to my dream, I finally found the love I was looking for.

(There’s a deep, beautiful love story that goes along with finding this love of mine. The book is written and waiting for the right day to be published.)

During my looooonnng journey, I began attracting people who would seek my advice and insight into their own romantic life challenges. It’s as if through my own process, they sensed that I understood their dilemma and could hold space for them to simply express and be fully heard without judgment.

I began to meet with friends, acquaintances, and total strangers for an hour at a time when they would reach out for help. I wasn’t charging because, well, I had no degree and no official training. However, people began to request that I take money for my services.

I still refused because I didn’t feel right about taking money for something that I wasn’t “trained” in.

After a few years of working with others, people who were professionals in the healing arts field began to reach out to me for help. It was during this phase that I felt called to explore working with romantic relationships as a profession.

Up to that point, I had been a business owner and stock market trader but that wasn’t my deeper calling.

I decided to put myself out there as a Relationship Coach – even though I had kind of a distaste for the title because of how much superficial stuff I saw being promoted with “coaches”.

The titles of Conscious Romance Facilitator or Intimacy Expert seemed like they would require more of an explanation than a Relationship Coach – so that’s what I became.

I knew from experience that 90% of the people who would contact me were dealing with a breakup. Because of that, I focused all of my attention on becoming a specialist in effectively helping people through a breakup or getting over an ex – which I myself had been forced to become an expert at.

Seeing the growing demand and noticing that multiple sessions were not enough to truly help, I created a process to actually get people through the heartbreak. It’s deep. It’s intense. And it works. 

I take pride in only taking on clients who I know I can deliver results for and have the video testimonials to back those results. 

Breakups are usually an entry point for people to get to know me, see if we are a fit and then begin to go deeper into self-work (because 9 times our of 10, the suffering goes back to childhood).

I am a super-fan of romantic partnerships. A student of love. A conscious romance facilitator.

Thanks for visiting my site!


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