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I have always processed romantic relationships differently from those around me.

From a very young age I have been tuned into a deeper, more authentic level of connection than what I saw being experienced in my environment and in the media.

Being a very empathic person, life was extremely difficult for me – ESPECIALLY in the area of romantic love.

I couldn’t relate to the superficial level people were interacting from and I felt like an alien on this planet – sound familiar?

After much struggle and ostracism from my peers, I was finally able to love in the way that, on some level, I knew was possible.

I found it natural for me, when in relationships, to unveil anything that was blocking deep connection and quickly resolve the issue.

In addition, I found it just as normal to merge with my partner’s soul as holding hands is for most – I hope I didn’t loose you on that one.

I am passionate about helping people tune into soul satisfying states of connection and truly enjoy my work.

If I were a billionaire and never needed to work again, I would still be sitting with people and guiding them into ecstatic states of love and bliss.

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