I want love


Who wouldn’t want romantic love?

Someone to hold us.
Someone who would listen and support us on our path.
Someone who could understand us on the deepest level.
Someone with whom to share the experience of life.

The problem is that, although it seems everyone wants to find a partner, few people are willing do do the work to access the level of love that they desire. Relationship begins with one’s self.

Questions about love?

What aspects of yourself do you need to clean up or let go of in order to access a higher love?

What models of relationship are you holding in your mind that are blocking love?

What is it that you REALLY want?

These are fairly common topics addressed in my sessions. When desiring a romantic relationship it’s important to keep in mind that we are also craving to love ourselves more fully.


Feeling blocked or stuck? Most of our love issues stem from ourselves. Even if that means we continually find ourselves in relationships that are unfulfilling.

The types of romantic relationships that we have been exposed to through our environment and the media since we were very young have created models in our minds of what romantic relationship is.

Most of these models or ideas are very limiting and self-sabotaging. They create filters of how we see the world and they program us subconsciously how to interact and what to expect.

There are many accepted models and ideas of romantic relationship in our society that are impeding higher love.

Education and an expansion of one’s awareness leads to relationships of a higher quality.

I'm stuck
Sacred Sex


Many people say, “It’s just sex.” If this is used to combat the dogma and shame that has been placed on sex, then this can be a positive line.

However, it can be so much more than, “just sex”. Sexual interaction can be healing, transformative and pleasurable beyond what most people consider to be “great sex”.

I call this “sacred sex” vs. “just sex”. The difference is similar to dog food vs a five star meal, but I’m going to take it further than that.

With sacred sex we have access to one of the most powerful, connective, fulfilling and mystical experiences as humans.

Sex is a very important aspect of romantic relationship but it is not just something we do with our clothes off.

Our society has a very long way to go in order to understand the depth of what sex, or rather making love, can be.

Here’s something that might brighten your day: romance DOES NOT need to die in a relationship. It does not have to be just a phase.

One of the problems is that people generally do not know how to fully access or sustain the space of romance. The erotic space of soul sex is foreign to most people – “Soul what?”, you may be asking.

Couples turn to sex toys, new positions, other partners and many other mediums to stimulate that sexual connection, only to find that it is artificial and short lived- if not disconnective.

Many other people simply give up and decide to listen to the masses who say that romance naturally fades away.

My goal as a teacher of sacred sex is to take people further into connection and pleasure with their partners and themselves, as well as to elevate the consciousness of each individual through the process.


Can I find someone faithful? How can I find an authentic partner? Do soul mates exist? How will I know if it’s real love? How do I get my partner to open up? How can I tell if my partner is honest? and many more….. No topic is off limits

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